Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Trivia Question

Yeah OK, here is a trivia question for folks. (as if anyone is even reading this BLOG)

What is Ugaliptite?

I'll bet you have NO FREAKIN IDEA.

OK, here is a hint: Blue Oyster Cult.

Still no idea?

Hint #2
"He picks up a bus and throws it back down as he makes his way to the center of town".


Blogger Dr. X said...

I read! Well the image + hints make it rather obvious the intended answer is 'Godzilla', but I still don't recall the Ugaliptite concept - and yet, the Bro. Maynard & Book of Armamaments connection was not revived until you reminded me last week. Dude, the 80's wer long ago for those of who do not regularly re-live them!
BOC forever, RacerX

1:42 PM  

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