Friday, May 29, 2009

24 Hour Racing for a cause

Sorry for the lack of postage, but looks like blogger may still have a usefulness.

We need your help!

Some of you may know that my cycling team is sending an Ace MTB team to the 24 Hours of Adrenalin at Laguna Seca where we plan to do some serious racing and defend our top step on the podium from last year.
In addition to racing hard, I will also personally be racing to support the foundation that my wife and I started up and are working to get up and running.
To date we have invested our own money, that being said start up is slow as we do not have a huge surplus of personal money to put into it at the moment, and we need help to get things underway.

The foundation's purpose is to assist families with disabled children like our son with education of how to navigate government services, advocacy and how to be an advocate for their child, acquisition of adaptive equipment through donations, and building a network of preferred service providers.

To aid in this process I have set up an Active donation site specifically for this event and hope that those who can contribute will partner with me in getting the foundation off the ground so that we can reach the families and children who need our help.
I have also invited our other 24 Hour Team members to join me in not just racing for ourselves and sponsors, but also for a greater good.

The donation website is: com/donate/ InfoVista24hour

Please feel free to spread the word and most certainly to anyone you may know that has a child with special needs.
Thank you for reading and considering, it means a lot to us to see this work get underway.

Ron and Theresa Castia
Special Needs Family Resource Foundation

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Yeah, it's kind of like this....

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Training with a plan

The first week of pain.
Big gear, seated power work.


On the fun side I have been using our Wii Fit for some cross training and core work.

It's fun and a nice change.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big 40

We celebrated my 40th birthday last night...a week early, but what is a couple days after 40 years? (How the hell did that happen?)

T had a few surprises, lots of photos from our early years

good friends, and some live music from our friend Fariba.

T even invited an old friend who I have not seen in 17 years and was the best man at our wedding.
That was cool, he is still the mellowest and nicest guy around. Now a CHP in Modesto, if you are speeding and get pulled over, hope that you get Tom. Exude come positive energy and he'll probably let you off with a warning, that's just how he rolls.

The Cheetham and Parson families made it over, always good times when those two crews are around.

Lot's of wine was received as presents, and T picked me up a nice Ipod Shuffle with my named etched on it and the H.F.U. monicker.

I have been having a blast loading it up with some ass kickin music from the day. MSG, Chillipeppers, Dixie Dreggs, Steve Morse, Accept, Dokken, Ratt(only 1 song), B.O.C. doing Godzilla live (sweet!), Diamond Dave with Steve Vai, and classic called Hot Rod Lincoln.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


I am always curious about the motivation and rational behind a compulsive liar.
I am blown away by the gall some have when telling a lie that can so easily be found out with nothing more than a simple phone call.
Or a lie told that is so contrary to the circumstances that there is virtually no possible way it could be true unless it existed in some alternate universe or reality.

I do think that some times individuals are so driven to achieve a particular goal that they will manufacturer scenarios that they might later use to give a lie some prospect of credibility. Or at least give their lie just enough vale that it has certain possibilities. The recipient may be inclined to think or say "yeah, I could see how that can happen".

Whether artfully done, or blatant, and regardless of the motivation, I tend to believe that lying is the lowest and most disgusting human trait I can think of.
It's a little bit worthy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Exciting News

I am thrilled to announce a kick off to a new career, something much more fun and hopefully long term.
I have been accepted as a coach with.

This new career will give me the opportunity to work from home and be near Little Ronnie much more. He misses me when I work away from home and does so much better when I am around and happy.
Special thanks to Kendra Wenzel and Scott Saifer for this opportunity.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It begins...

Last week Theresa and I set in motion the launch of a new foundation to assist families with Special Needs Children.

It's been a long time coming, and thanks to our son Ronnie we have 16 years of experience in dealing with government services, trusts, and countless doctors. Not to mention all the research into alternative health and medicine.

Our first draft of the Mission Statement:
"The Mission of our foundation is to provide, education, services, and equipment to families caring for their Special Needs children, primarily through consultation, a network of service providers, financial and mobility equipment donations, and advocacy for government services."

This also means I will be racing for a cause. One of the things we plan on doing is raising money to help low income families with special needs children acquire mobility equipment and or services that they cannot afford.
This will be done one family at a time, one pedal stroke at a time, and every race I attend will be a victory for the families we are working with.

My first step is to find our first family that needs our help.
I'll have a donation site up soon, the goal is to start now.

Please spread the word.