Friday, December 29, 2006

Blogginistic Geezer Smack Talkin

Disco, Unsafeway, and CVisCus riders have all put up their own form of pre-season throw down smack talkin. Disco did it by doing a press release on Cycling News announcing their new line up. Olaf did it Olaf style, and the Hick (aka Mark the Shark) did it Fresnation Bloggation style.

How about the Spidey boys (aka EMC/Vellum) what have they got cookin?

We have Nobody. No ex-pros to tout, no State Champions, no uber studs like the other big Geezer teams.
Nope, not us, all we have is a cool looking jersey and some sweet rides.

But hey, at the end of the day, what more do you really need?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Suffer Fest so I can suffer less.

Today I made my usual lunch.

Frozen vegetable medley nuked with fat free chicken salad and Newman's Own Light Honey Mustard dressing.

While in the lunch room making this meal of deprivation I was tempted by these morsels of sugary divination.

Likely over 200 calories each, I would surely feel these during every pedal stroke up a hill.
I successfully, and during excruciating hunger pains, passed.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

To All My Friends

GroovyT and I are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends. Thank you for an incredible year of memories and all the Christmas Holiday Wishes.
May this time of year find you and your families healthy, happy, and fit in more ways than one.

Merry Christmas, or if you don't believe in Christmas than we wish you the best in whatever you believe in.

Sometimes you gotta hit delete.

Especially when folks are reading what they want to read instead of what is written. So if you are here from that certain list server for a certain product, let me say Merry Christmas to you and I hope your item is pushing your fun button.

It's all about the fun folks, if your gizmo, gadget, and/or training device is bringing you the joy you want out of cycling, then it is all good in my book.

One piece of advise, if you need to stroke yourself with techno-babble and justification in order for the fun button to be hit, just make sure you don't put sand in the vasoline. You dig?

Nome Agusta!

Friday, December 22, 2006

SRAM, I have made the Leap

This is a product I have been anticipating for quite a while. I have used SRAM on my Mt. Bike for several seasons with out a flaw and figured they had it together. Besides if you have seen my ride you know that I am sucker for new things, just look at my grips. As one of our teammates puts it "I am marketer's dream".

I was not disappointed, the shifting is precise and quick. It does make a little more clacking noise than Campy, but I actually like it. I have found there is a certain rhythm to the clacking if the more you follow the rhythm the smoother it shifts. I have several rides on the Force Group now and I have only reached for the thumb shifter once. I even tried Benny J's wrist twitch shift technique when the pace is ramping up for a sprint, kind of cool.

The groupo has given my Vellum Edge a whole new feel. It's very light and feels wicked fast. The hoods are very well designed and the brake levers are skewed to the outside just a little, making it easier for my little meat hooks to reach when on the tops.

One thing I would like to see SRAM incorporate is a half click when in the big ring for some trim adjustment. I am told it is not needed when the front derailleur is set just right, but I have been spoiled with this feature on Campy levers and I think other Campy users will want it.

I will be installing a Campy front derailleur clamp today to replace the Shimano. The Shimano has a lip at the top which limits adjustability.

Lastly, a really great feature that I like is the cassette options. I ordered the 11 x 23 and the 11 x 26, I am currently riding the 11 x 26.
I like my 11, and I like the options of the 26 mostly so I can pound the climbs in the big ring longer with less cross chain.

Fun, it is all about the fun, and SRAM is putting a giant smile on my face!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Day of the Hell Raiser

Happy Birthday to me!

I did not actually come up with that title, it was given in "The Book of Birthdays" by Russel Grant.

And this is one of the best birthday presents ever!!! A Solo Coffee Press. No more crappy office coffee for me. Thanks to a great Mother In-Law.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Scratch That!

In the last couple of months, with encouragement from a few in the know, I had been considering running for President of the NCNCA.
Because there needs to be some changes!

But after reading Olaf's post about the USCF I realize that I would rather run for President of the USCF.
There is some serious business that needs to be changed and some heads that need to roll. It needs to be done without playing politics and it needs someone with the type of balls to not care what certain people think. Mine ceramic with ti coating!

Honestly!! When the Governing body of racing for the state is independent from the National organization based in that very STATE, it really means there are some serious problems within the organization.
My bet is that those who race in Colorado know something about the USCF that the rest of the country doesn't. I am going to bet that it isn't good!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dell Customer Service Review Preview

There is a Dell customer service/tech support review that will be appearing very soon.
The next day or two will determine if that review is a story told by the Brothers Grim or Walt Disney.

It's up to you Mr. Dell, the ball is in your court.

Case # 151147095

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cycling Reflection

Thanks to Olaf I have some new content. Boring for most, and likely not a very interesting read.

With the folks over on his blog talking about how isolated cycling is for them I had to seriously scratch my head. My experience has been completely the opposite.

Cycling has introduced me to a much higher quality of people than I might have previously been around. These folks have become the choice for whom my honey and I wish to spend our time. They are fun, intelligent (some flat out scary smart) , honest, health minded, and good natured people to be around.

The friendships that Groovy T and I have built over the last 10 years have enriched our lives in more ways than we give credit for. From good relationships and healthy lifestyles to shifts in our perspective on life in general. There is this concept of entrainment that happens with groups of people. In essence it is sort of like the theory of osmosis.
When I first started racing I met a friend who was very successful, he was financially in a place where most would like to be. He worked hard to get there and was enjoying the fruits of his labor. It was because of him that I made a huge leap at the age of 29 to get a degree in drafting and go to night school. It was tough, a 40 hour a week job, class from 6 to 10, and a 45 minute hammer session on a crit course near the school before class.
It changed my life! I have a great job in a good field, flexible schedule, and I am fitter both financially and physically than I have ever could have imagined.
I am not rich, and I am not the fastest old fart out there, but I am doing well and every once in awhile I can rip a leg or two off.

Being around successful people has given me the confidence I needed to make the team (with a lot of help) what it has grown into today. I have been on and around a few teams and I can honestly say no team is running the way we are. It is due to the commitment and quality of people involved that our silly little bike club has grown into an organization with a business model that would be successful in any industry.

It's no doubt that it is a boat load of work, but thanks to folks like Gianni stepping up to the plate and helping us to diversify, this year will be far more tolerable and fun.

To end that thought, Groovy T and I are sooooo looking forward to this weekend when Petite and family stay over.

Here is to good friends both on and off the bike!!!