Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big 40

We celebrated my 40th birthday last night...a week early, but what is a couple days after 40 years? (How the hell did that happen?)

T had a few surprises, lots of photos from our early years

good friends, and some live music from our friend Fariba.

T even invited an old friend who I have not seen in 17 years and was the best man at our wedding.
That was cool, he is still the mellowest and nicest guy around. Now a CHP in Modesto, if you are speeding and get pulled over, hope that you get Tom. Exude come positive energy and he'll probably let you off with a warning, that's just how he rolls.

The Cheetham and Parson families made it over, always good times when those two crews are around.

Lot's of wine was received as presents, and T picked me up a nice Ipod Shuffle with my named etched on it and the H.F.U. monicker.

I have been having a blast loading it up with some ass kickin music from the day. MSG, Chillipeppers, Dixie Dreggs, Steve Morse, Accept, Dokken, Ratt(only 1 song), B.O.C. doing Godzilla live (sweet!), Diamond Dave with Steve Vai, and classic called Hot Rod Lincoln.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


I am always curious about the motivation and rational behind a compulsive liar.
I am blown away by the gall some have when telling a lie that can so easily be found out with nothing more than a simple phone call.
Or a lie told that is so contrary to the circumstances that there is virtually no possible way it could be true unless it existed in some alternate universe or reality.

I do think that some times individuals are so driven to achieve a particular goal that they will manufacturer scenarios that they might later use to give a lie some prospect of credibility. Or at least give their lie just enough vale that it has certain possibilities. The recipient may be inclined to think or say "yeah, I could see how that can happen".

Whether artfully done, or blatant, and regardless of the motivation, I tend to believe that lying is the lowest and most disgusting human trait I can think of.
It's a little bit worthy.