Monday, October 20, 2008

It begins...

Last week Theresa and I set in motion the launch of a new foundation to assist families with Special Needs Children.

It's been a long time coming, and thanks to our son Ronnie we have 16 years of experience in dealing with government services, trusts, and countless doctors. Not to mention all the research into alternative health and medicine.

Our first draft of the Mission Statement:
"The Mission of our foundation is to provide, education, services, and equipment to families caring for their Special Needs children, primarily through consultation, a network of service providers, financial and mobility equipment donations, and advocacy for government services."

This also means I will be racing for a cause. One of the things we plan on doing is raising money to help low income families with special needs children acquire mobility equipment and or services that they cannot afford.
This will be done one family at a time, one pedal stroke at a time, and every race I attend will be a victory for the families we are working with.

My first step is to find our first family that needs our help.
I'll have a donation site up soon, the goal is to start now.

Please spread the word.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sacramento CX

Time for a new post, not much to write but had some fun on the new Van Dessel Hole Shot today out at the Sacramento CX race.

Due to time constraints and a morning team ride I had to sand bag the Bs at 2:00.
I really just wanted to ride the new rig and loosen the legs up.
The bike felt great and the course was fun.
If you are looking for a new CX rig, you might want to call Joel at Cyclepath and order up the Hole Shot.
If money is no object, then go for the upgrade to the Gin and Trombones.
But honestly, I am really impressed with the handling and weight of the Hole Shot.

Oh, and built it up with SRAM Rival. Best hoods ever, shifting was flawless (on a Campy 10 speed cassette even).

As far as my racing: I had a good clean run, had to back off a little towards the end due to a loose cleat. Finished 3rd by a fair margin. Not bad for just wanting to play around and test the bike.