Friday, June 30, 2006

Change of perspective

Yeah the big boys are out of the tour, but thats all poodles and kittens to me man. Pick a favorite now, if you can.
This years tour is going to be like watching a really good mystery spy movie with loads of twists and turns. So good that it's almost impossible to predict the outcome.

That's exciting! That is sport!

Even our local racing has gotten a bit redundant, predictable, and stale. The competition side of it is all but gone. Even boring because nobody will make move until until only a select few make an effort. Even those efforts are predictable, certain individuals race the same way every weekend. Sure it brings them success, but YAWN, we have seen that movie dude, try something new and fresh. It turns every race into the same race, the only thing that changes is the course.

I am very excited about this years tour, I am on the edge of my seat.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ride Invite To my fellow BLOGGERs

RIDES this weekend (yippee!):
Saturday, Hamilton Loop: 100+ challenging miles up the front side of Mt. Hamilton and return to Livermore via Mines Road.
Ride leaves Peet's in Livermore at 8:00 (meet for coffee at 7:30 to 7:45).
Note: All are welcome, and while we will not be taking Nuclear Pulls, we will be rolling at a decent clip. Know your ability, if you are more than 15 minutes off the back at the Observatory, you may be riding by yourself, or you can be the "B" group leader if there are riders behind you. Our stop at the top will be short. The Junction might be closed, so make sure you have enough food and drink to make it back. There is water at the Fire Station across from the Junction.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World of Illusion

Isn't it a wonderful place we all live in? This place of illusion and mystery? A place where there are no problems, a place where if something is a problem we just pretend it's not there and it magically goes away.

A World were we can fix everything by not responding, by not returning phone calls, by not dealing with the reality as it's presented.

A World were if the facts of a situation are too overwhelming to deal with we simply remove ourselves from the situation. We redirect the focus with some well thought out words or unfounded accusations in order to put someone else on the defensive.

Blasphemes is the individual who presents facts and won't just go away and pretend like nothing is wrong. Trouble Maker! You are being difficult. Why won't you just believe the magic answer I give you and go be a socially acceptable person who buys into the illusion we want you to see? We don't like you anymore, you make us deal with our problems (not that we have any problems).

This is our World, it's everywhere, it's in our leaders, it's in the grocery store, it's in our government.

Oh wait...abbrah cadabrah

All better now.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy Trails

Thar be being some trails a needin to be built.

How do you build a MTB trail?


As they say, "just plow through it" and... Ta Da!!!... Trail.

Just don't end up like Dale...
I am kind thinking maybe that line is not gonna work, I like mine better.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Multiple Shark attack victims reported in the High Sierras.

In the news today officials from Kaiser report an overwhelming number of Shark attack victims in the Sierra Mountains this weekend. The forrest rangers are not exactly sure how the Shark made it's Trek up to the high altitude lakes above Fresno, but the attacks must have been vicious.
In the past it has been warned to stay clear of any Sharks that have made this journey to the high altitudes as their appetite tends to be ravenous for several days.

Nice ride Sharkman!

First Name Last Name Time
1 245 Mark Sasser 9:23
2 233 Bob Gade 10:05
3 39 William Nowlin 10:05

I don't know who those other JAMFs are, but you smoked em ugly like.

So did you switch to the TT bike at Millerton?

Let me know if you ride it again next year, it would be fun to join you.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Out Blogged by the Wife

The Women is getting some BLOGGIN skilz large!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Nevada Spizzank Me City/Don't bitch my snap

This rizzle is kind of Snakes Alleyish, accept thizzay tha start is even more critical coz of tha downhill start n tha strength of tha field ta help you tap dat ass. There is no foolin around wit these boys, they mean business fo' sheezy.

I hope all tha apendage rippage that I hizzy been out siznelf inflict'n doesnt bitch mah snap off tha line.

Chillin' tha win seems like an impossible feat, but a personal best on blunt rollin' would be pretty sweet.

So if you got any of that gibberish, it's compliments of Pretty damn funny, just keep hitting refresh until you see a translation that kicks your giggle.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Busy is is busy does

I need a day, a day just to veg. Ha, aint gonna happen.

Clothing order (*sort and distribute), E-Caps order, sock order, return parts for warranty, clean bike for racey, yard work, wash bike clothing, wash work clothing, fix GAWD Damn printer that won't work, install speakers in truck, process all the **YSDT/YSDT suggestions, or the ***HWDW suggestions.

Oh, hug my children, spend time with the wife, eat, and sleep.

*Includes trying to process all the after thoughts of things they want but did not order.

**YSDT/YSDT = You should do this/You should do that

***HWDW = Hey why don't we... (AKA we meaning me).

Next person that has an idea better have an implementation plan.


Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm no Wacko

Gotta email just before leaving for Iowa, turns out my little futile flyer OTF at Cat's Hill earned me a $25.00 cash prime compliments of Steelman Cycles.

Maybe not so futile. The team party fund is 25 smakaroos richer.

Gracias Steelman!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dunlop O Flop

Not so thrilled with my time, maybe I have bigger expectations of myself, or unrealistic ones.
7th in the 3s, then the times drop off pretty fast.

I tried playing the Sharkman's and OV's suggestions on easing into the pace. Looking back I think I could have gone a little harder the first 5 to 7 K.

I am definitely going to set the parameters on my HR monitor pretty tight for Sattley, maybe only a 10 beat variance. Minimum for the start, max for the middle and then for the last 5 K pretend that the beeping is a time bomb about to go off and I am running to get clear of the blast.

On the up side, riding the TT bike for the last week has helped me to find some muscles that seem to be on the weak side. I am having fatigue in areas that are usually not fatigued from riding.
This is a good thing because now I can develop a plan to improve those areas. Prior I could train until I am blue in the face but fatigue would go away very quickly, indicating good fitness, but the results were lack luster. I was beginning to think that this is it, this is as fast as I get.
Identifying a weakness gives hope and last nights Diablo ride was good confirmation of that.
After the hard effort on Sunday, moderate effort on Monday, and another full on TT effort on Tuesday I turned a new PB up Northgate.

I don't expect anything spectacular out at Sattly, but a new Personal Best would be reward enough.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Quote of the Day

This little jewel of a quote comes back from our Iowa trip and goes out to an individual who continuously displays blatant disregard for other riders and makes VERY bad pack maneuvers. This weekend an ICCC rider ended up in the hospital with serious injuries and numerous broken bones after such a maneuver happened BEHIND him. It was the ICCC riders first race back from a long break from racing and I would guess that he won't have a second.

I quote:
"This is an adult spoat... HANDLE... YO... SHIT!"


Monday, June 05, 2006

Bit of Nome history

I guess Mom is missing her family a bit, she is Blogging about first bikes.

One cool thing about my Mom and growing up as an only child, I had permission to NOT share.
Nome: "No, you can't ride my bike (No me Gusta!)"

Disgruntled kid tattling: "Nome won't share his bike"

Nome's Mom snaps: "That his bike, I bought for him, get your own bike!"

DOOH!!!! Way to go Mom!