Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh Yes We Did...

Let's see the Joneses top that!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Today, I am officially older and grumpier...

December 19th, Day of the Hell Raiser.

Well with a title like that, how the hell can you expect me to not be grumpier?
As a matter of fact, maybe I enjoy it. It's an art form, a well developed skill, I am amusing myself.
How come you didn't get the joke? BAH!

And I am having Ice Cream tonight...Gawd Damn It!
Salad flavor with a nice raspberry vinaigrette.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When Cheap is just Cheap

There is some crazy nonsense going on at this place I work. The company is finally making money, become profitable, and yet has become so cheap in the process that it is now becoming a negative.

They have scaled back the office in recent move, everyone is in cubicles now. While I understand reducing overhead, do you do it at the expense of productivity and moral?
Everyone is on edge and extremely annoyed.
Is that good for efficiency?

That's not all, oh no, we have a whole serious of bad decisions based on being cheap.
For 7 years now this company has been leasing a piece of junk business copier. The last time the lease ended the old controller renewed with the same manufacturer and we got a second piece of crap. Well at the same time of our move that lease ended and the manufacturer swore and promised that all of their problems had been fixed with the new one. They wined and dined our current controller and gave him the "cheapest bid". So mister squeaky walk fell for it and not more than two days after installation was the thing jammed so bad that we had to send people to Kinko's in order make the bid proposals that were due to go out that day.
Effing Brilliant!

Finally, our department was told we were going to get a new plotter. Do you think they would consult the people who actually use the damn thing as to what our needs are? No, someone who knows nothing about AutoCAD or anything we do is making the choice.
For 7 years our department has been promised a large format copier, these days the plotters can be purchased with scanning and copying built in versus sending jobs out or purchasing two large pieces of equipment.
We made all arguments, did the research, and showed why it made sense financially, and even after all hoops had been jumped through...NADA.
All of our competitors and civil engineer clients have this capability in house.

Does buying inadequate equipment help the productivity, marketability, and overall profitability of the company?

Sometimes being cheap is just being cheap.

Nome out!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lacking in Blogland part two

Lots of ideas, but they don't seem to make it past the conceptual stage.

Racing, beating myself silly, trying to recover.
Life is good.

Looking forward to Christmas, a quiet one with my honey snoogling the kids, the kitties, and enjoying a nice bottle of vino.
Then of course there is some killin that needs to be done on the Wii (Scarface). Shoosh, D doesn't know we found one.

T's timing was spot on and followed the UPS driver into the mall with a fresh delivery to Game Stop. Sons-o-bitches been shorting the retail stores to create a false supply shortage and a frenzy. Folks been gettin mugged in parking lots for their Wii systems. That ought to be illegal.

Merry Christmas Bloggers.

Nome Out.