Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lacking in Blogland part two

Lots of ideas, but they don't seem to make it past the conceptual stage.

Racing, beating myself silly, trying to recover.
Life is good.

Looking forward to Christmas, a quiet one with my honey snoogling the kids, the kitties, and enjoying a nice bottle of vino.
Then of course there is some killin that needs to be done on the Wii (Scarface). Shoosh, D doesn't know we found one.

T's timing was spot on and followed the UPS driver into the mall with a fresh delivery to Game Stop. Sons-o-bitches been shorting the retail stores to create a false supply shortage and a frenzy. Folks been gettin mugged in parking lots for their Wii systems. That ought to be illegal.

Merry Christmas Bloggers.

Nome Out.


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