Monday, October 29, 2007

Lunatics run amuck

From Pink Hammer Nutrition Princesses to 6' 2" Giant Line Backer Chickens, the lunatics of all kinds were out in force (farce) at this weekend's Velo Bella Spooklecross race.

Probably more leg being shown then at the Exotic Erotic Ball, and some with some very strange tan lines. All completely out of their minds.

But I wouldn't have it any other way!

As for me, I am too damn serious to get involved, but I laughed and cheered watching the course cutting, the cheating, and just plain silliness.

Great weather, and I moved up another spot as I work my way up to the ever illusive top step.
2nd place in a very challenging 35 Bs race, with Charles Pockell-Wilson nipping at my heals for the third place spot. The ever powerful John Ford from Spine was making some good moves early on but is still suffering a string of bad luck and munching on more dirt than any one man should. The day he pulls it together for a clean crash free race will be the day we are all in trouble.

Soquel High. Wasn't sure how this course was going to suit me, not too many places to really open up the throttle, and no real climbs to speak of. Just one super steep run up that seemed to want to eat my shoes. Once rolling on the fire road I found a mouse hole to sneak through and charged it to get a hole shot on the first sharp right hand off camber drop off. I also wanted a clear shot to the first dismount and run up.

The log was hoppable, but you would have to dismount directly after for the run up anyway. Seemed like you would lose more momentum picking your way over it, than just doing a quick dismount at speed.

I managed OK on the runs, but really did the best in taking the technical sections without losing much speed. After about 3 laps with a Z Team rider slipping away I managed my own escape with just enough gap to watch the group behind splinter as the course double backed on itself. With two laps to go Charles had given the rest of the field the slip and Z Team was out of sight. From there I settled in and rode a steady pace just hard enough to keep Charles far enough behind to seal the second place.

As promised in an earlier post I signed up and even completed the Elite A's. It was fast, and I started out slow until I could find a rhythm, also until I got comfortable riding with my right shoe half off my foot (damn run-up). Once settled in after about 5 or 6 laps I started closing in on a few riders that seemed to be getting tired and moved myself a spot or two every lap. I some how managed to get faster towards the end of the As race. Not sure if everything was just going numb, or I was just getting stupid. Maybe a little of both.
None the less I wasn't last, and unlike the last time I raced the A something or other field, no crashes.

Lots of good vibes and words of encouragement to keep one going. The maid at the top of the run-up gave out some great coaching "swing the arm, swing the arm!", she yelled. Thank you, it really helped! I swung my arm...Yes Gianni, I swung it straight instead of out.
And Steve Giles heckling from his post at the course crossing kept me in smiles.
BTW: Thank you to all the course marshals who did an outstanding job of keeping the course clear during some challenging times.

Lot's of fun!

Photo credit: Lauren Haughey

Nome Out


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, princess really looks different with a pink jersey.
She looks fantastic!!! And the little chick next to her is adorable.

9:06 AM  
Blogger Nome Agusta said...

That is big Steve Vickery and the chicken costume from The Bear.
Next year he is going to use the Moose costume.

He tried to convince OV that is was me inside the chicken suit, but he argued that there wasn't enough steroids on the planet to make that possible. LOL

9:23 AM  
Blogger Johnny GoFast said...

Great report and congrats on some great racing. Hope to see you out at McLaren.

8:33 AM  

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