Sunday, September 30, 2007

No Soup For You!

4th at the Lion in the 35 Bs but found out it was pointless (as in NCNCA for that CAT). T and I are a little bummed. Did lot's of planning with nurses and all that now has to be redone.
Rethinking the schedule now and will be hitting the CCCX from here out.
I'll hit the 35Bs at CCCX and then double up in the SS A's with Gianni.

Lot's of unsupervised little ones crossing the course in real bad places. Not the cause of mine, but almost the cause of one that would have killed the kid and made 3 of us eat it into chain link cheese grater.

Was doing OK in the 35 A's, as in I wasn't last, but started making mistakes not seen in previous mentioned race then laid it down in a fast dangerous corner that went from dirt to gravel to asphalt.
Add that to the above news and one kind of says to one's self (Double Fook).
Not the end of the World, but a bit disappointing. Don't like loosing skin either.

On the upside, the now usable double ported extrusion on the front of my face was a treat. With the dry starts and dust flying it was a first in my life that I didn't have to eat the dust. Close mouth breath through nose.


Of course, a better start would help, but starts on a hill tend to suit my abilities a little better. Everyone starts fast on the flats.
The course was dangerous, as previously mentioned, but for the most part played to my off road skills and I managed to pick riders off as the race went on.

Next year I'll just send the school a donation and keep my skin.

[edit] As I was writing this I heard my son teaching himself YYZ from Rush on his guitar. DAMN the kid learns fast. He has only had the guitar since Christmas. Guess I'll be the rhythm guitarist, or start working on the singing. La la la la.


Blogger Groove Talking... said...

The best part of the day was being together! I have to say that I love to be able to just hang out with my Lover, just the two of us, once in a while. Thanks to little Ronnies fantastic nurse, we now have that chance on the weekends and it is GREAT!!!

I do love cross riding, although I still have some training to do. I had two bloody knees before I even raced that day.

10:53 AM  
Blogger Johnny Sprocket said...

4th on that course is a reward in and of itself. I say, go up to the A's and see what you can do. If you're scoring top 5's, you're probably ready anyway. Chicks dig the M35+a's fyi. At least that's what I keep telling the wifeage.

2:56 PM  
Blogger Nome Agusta said...

I did find out what I can do in the 35 A's...I can crash.

I am still working on getting some fitness back, starting to feel better/faster.

I am going to give the Elite A's a go for some speed work when the schedule fits. I'll just make sure I know how to get out of the way when they come blasting through.

3:17 PM  

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