Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bloody Friggen Mess!

4 days to LOTOJA, we leave tomorrow night, and I am stuck at home with random nose bleeds that ensue with only warning being that feeling of liquid running down the throat.

Things opened up last night and I was breathing really clear. Then about 30 minutes later a steady stream of red stuff started flowing. (WHAT THE F^%^$#@#!).

I got a little scared when it wouldn't stop. T looked at the post surgery instructions and we called the doc. "Sit back relax and apply pressure". Did that, been doing that, and after about 15 minutes it started to work.

It started up again at 4:00 AM but only lasted 10 minutes. "OK, maybe I'll be OK, there is no pain".

Got up, did my normal morning thing and it started again during stretches. Only lasted 5 minutes...OK, it's getting shorter and maybe if I just take it easy today and skip the Noon ride everything will be fine.

I am almost to work and I feel it open up again...NOT GOOD! I pull in to the parking lot nose stuffed with TP and am hoping it stops.
It doesn't and is actually getting worse. SHIT!
Now I am spitting it out and not very well. Beige pants with blood spots are probably not going to go over well at the office. I jump back in the truck (still bleeding) and drive home...quickly.
Hope I don't get pulled over cuz I sort of look like I just murdered someone.

Hopefully this is just a today thing. I really want to do a good ride on Saturday, but if this doesn't stop there is no point of even getting on the bike.

I see the Doc at 3:30.

Fingers crossed.


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