Friday, February 22, 2008

Eee eeee eeee!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What what what?! TDF NOT!

Just heard on the radio this morning...Astana DENIED!

No TDF for the defending champ or Levi.

I am sure some heads are gonna role.
But I am not feeling to sorry for them, one had to be aware that this could happen when signing on to the team with a fresh and deep scar. Damaged rep for sure.

Let the drama begin!

[Edit] P.S. I am going Pro War. I am going to rally against all the anti-war folks who think getting up in peoples faces and threatening violence is a any kind of way to promote peace.
"I wanna kill, kill, kill. I wanna see blood and gore and guts and vains in my teeth. I wanna kill. I am gonna jump up and down yellin kill kill kill. You can jump up and down with me and we will all jump up and down yellin kill kill kill."

Friday, February 08, 2008

Should be an ineresting journey.

So we found this new junior with a heavy foot for the throttle and a love for the pain.

Monday evenings team meeting at the home stead (mind you it's roughly 35 degrees outside at 7:00 PM)
30 minutes into the meeting the doorbell rings, at the door is a teenager shivering something rotten from the cold.
It's our new junior.

Me: Dude, come in, are you OK?

Junior: Yeah, I just got back from Mt. Hamilton.

Me: Uh, you mean like riding it? (thinking that he did something logical and drove to the base and rode his bike up).

Junior: Yeah, I got out of school at noon and headed out Mines Road to the top of Hamilton, I did 100 miles today. There was still snow at the top.

Me: What were you wearing?

Junior: My jersey and shorts.

So the kid did 100 mile ride to the top of Hamilton, up the backside, in a jersey (no base layer), cycling shorts, and no gloves.

How is that for Hardening the F@%& Up?

The kid is setting the bar pretty high of us geezers.

Last Tuesday he went out to Tuesday Noon Worlds and stuck with Little John from ICCC, currently a Cat 2 and riding very strong, all the way up Calaveras.

The kid has yet to race, and with his motor it will be hard to get him to let off the gas and race smart. Who knows, he may not need to for a while.

Too bad he is moving out of state to go to college next year. I would love to see this kid in his second season with some experience under his belt.