Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What what what?! TDF NOT!

Just heard on the radio this morning...Astana DENIED!

No TDF for the defending champ or Levi.

I am sure some heads are gonna role.
But I am not feeling to sorry for them, one had to be aware that this could happen when signing on to the team with a fresh and deep scar. Damaged rep for sure.

Let the drama begin!

[Edit] P.S. I am going Pro War. I am going to rally against all the anti-war folks who think getting up in peoples faces and threatening violence is a any kind of way to promote peace.
"I wanna kill, kill, kill. I wanna see blood and gore and guts and vains in my teeth. I wanna kill. I am gonna jump up and down yellin kill kill kill. You can jump up and down with me and we will all jump up and down yellin kill kill kill."


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Ummmmm, very interesting!

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