Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World of Illusion

Isn't it a wonderful place we all live in? This place of illusion and mystery? A place where there are no problems, a place where if something is a problem we just pretend it's not there and it magically goes away.

A World were we can fix everything by not responding, by not returning phone calls, by not dealing with the reality as it's presented.

A World were if the facts of a situation are too overwhelming to deal with we simply remove ourselves from the situation. We redirect the focus with some well thought out words or unfounded accusations in order to put someone else on the defensive.

Blasphemes is the individual who presents facts and won't just go away and pretend like nothing is wrong. Trouble Maker! You are being difficult. Why won't you just believe the magic answer I give you and go be a socially acceptable person who buys into the illusion we want you to see? We don't like you anymore, you make us deal with our problems (not that we have any problems).

This is our World, it's everywhere, it's in our leaders, it's in the grocery store, it's in our government.

Oh wait...abbrah cadabrah

All better now.


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