Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I am victim of identity theft

Yes, it is true, my identity has been stolen, actually it has been under the control of others for most of my adult life.

Evidence points to this being an inside job perpetrated by two distinct suspects whose notorious use of deception distracts the consciousness of their host causing them to do things that are normally out of their nature.
These two insiders have caused me to sign for debt, make vain purchases, and even destroy relationships. If left unchecked these two can ruin entire lives and even cause severe health conditions.

Their names are Ego and Painbody. The E.P. Duo need to be apprehended immediately and held responsible for their heinous crimes.

There may be other victims, as matter of fact this duo's reign of emotional, mental, physical, and substantial financial destruction can quite possibly be into the millions, dare I say even billions of effected victims.

There is quite likely someone being perpetrated at this very moment. It could even be you.

For this reason, if any of you have ever been offended by anything that I may have said or done while not conscious and under the control of these two individuals, please know that it was not me and I cannot be held liable for reasons of temporary unconsciousness.

Nome Agusta


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