Friday, February 02, 2007

Goin to a Bike Fight

Some call this Sunday Super Bowl Sunday, not sure why, maybe they put a bunch of chips in a giant bowl and mix it with beer or something.

To us bike geeks here in Nor Cal it's known as Paskenta Sunday. A knock down, drag out, play chicken with on coming farm equipment, attack while riders are laying on the ground Bike Fight.

In 05' I marked the winning move, a 5 man group chasing a two man break containing at the time teamy The Thurmanator up the road with Nor Cal cycling legend Elgart keeping him company.

I was feeling great and the dudes in my group were savvy enough not to complain about my non-contribution knowing I had a man up the road. They knew the game and that I was doing the right thing.
I had made it to the dirt/gravel section and we punched it. I was having a blast slipping and sliding in the sand at 25+, but like many, that section claimed my tires. Race over, the truck containing my spare wheels was up the road with Thurman. I had tubes, but you gotta be quick or you are out of the hunt. I finished it up in a mellow pace line group for a good workout and later followed was the best race season in my career.

Last year the conditions were awful, nasty ugly cross winds from hell and a tire with a bulge in it rubbing on my break caliper. So I took the short cut with Snap and got to see Nate Dawg ride everyone off his wheel.

This year? Who knows? But the weather forecast is for 70+ and I hear rumor that Team Spleen will be out in force. Good fun!


Blogger diskzero said...

Looking forward to this years race report.
Hey, no crashes in the EB womens field Sunday!

10:31 AM  

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