Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Manifesting continued (commitment part 1)

The concept of commitment requires some qualification, and since I am low on time will have to be done in a couple of parts.

Commitment means in the mind it's considered done. Ancient samurai warriors used to go up against armies of men single handedly. They came out victorious because in their mind, they only need to worry about the very last man in the line. Everyone else was already dead in the warrior's mind. This is an example of commitment, it's done.

While I was assisting the teaching of a class called "The Art of Handling Verbal Confrontation", Robert Gerard (Oughten House Publications/Oughten House Foundation) would show how getting a commitment is the critical step in resolving issues in any relationship. Once the individual responsible for the behavioral change has agreed to make the change, the confrontation model can only be completed by confirming the commitment. At this point, the issue is resolved and the relationship can move forward. If the individual performs the behavior again after this point, then the issue is now the broken commitment. At this point the relationship is in jeopardy, but this is a different topic, and we can cover it later.

For now, lets stick with the concept of commitment and how powerful it is when the vibration of the word is brought into your entire being. In part 2 of this sub topic we will discuss how it applies to manifestation, or how the lack of commitment hinders it.


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