Friday, September 22, 2006

Bit O Climbing

As I write this I am waiting for Nate Dawg to pick me up and head off to Bishop Cali. to do a little climbing and elevation training at the Everest Challenge.

This will my third attempt at Everest and hopefully my second time completing it. Learnt me a lot the first go and the second try was completed but I rode very extremely conservative. Kind of like over shoot and blow up, under shoot and could have gone a faster, third time should be able to dial it right in the center somewhere.

Nate Dawg is going to race it, damn thing is right up Nuke Boy's alley. Me? I see it as training at elevation and I plan on not digging a whole that I can't get out of.

Last attempt gave me a leap into new found fitness and success on the bike. For the first time I was able to put some 1st places on my resume. Albeit on the MTB, but I am better suited for the dirt anyway. That was the year I lead a team to victory at the 24 Hours of Tahoe and a podium spot at Downhillyville.

Weather reports to be mild, that will be interesting as I have never done the race in less than 95 degrees.

Looking forward to hitting the dirt again next year, the Titus Racer X is dialed in a again and screams FASTER! FASTER! And I found where to place myself for the point and shoot style of riding. I can always tell when it's dialed, it squishes down in a corner like a snake coiling up to get ready for a strike, then springs out. It's a bizarre yet awesome feeling, and I have never felt that on any other double boinger.


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