Friday, September 01, 2006

Nome's Bike World (and music studio)

Just thought it would be time to push my rant down the history list. I am feeling much better now.

Looking forward to this weekend riding the tandem, riding the single, and riding.
In between riding I will be able to get some stuff around the house done. The bike shop has been used and abused this year, it's time to finish the outside with a coat of paint.
It sure is nice to have though, and when I am frustrated with a part that won't do what I want it to do, I can join Dyllan on this.

But I ain't tryin no back flip! Joey tried that and landed straight on his head. I thought he was going to break his neck.
That is my bike shop in the background. Built it myself, with a lot of skilled help. Actually I helped others build it, like handing them nails.
I did do the roof, heck it's even better than the roof on the house. They used two nails, I used three. That stuff ain't goin anywhere.

I think next year I have to rip up all that yellow stuff formerly known as lawn. My wife refuses to water it as a ploy to get backyard redone. We want to do it in all gravel and raised planters.
Low maintenance.

For now my grass is indigenous.

But only the back, the front is maintained every Tuesday by 5 guys who can be found hanging out at the local Home Depot during their spare time. It cost a little, but it's worth a lot.


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