Friday, October 13, 2006

Write-in candidate for Governor

This post is to request your write-in vote for Governor of California. The current candidates SUCK and it's time we had someone from the people give it a go.
These two jokers are so far removed from the people they couldn't understand a real issue if it fell from a tree and hit them on the head.

Here is my focus:
Bicycles and bicycle facilities get primary focus for transportation funding. We will create a panel of experts to come up with ideas to get people out of their cars and onto bicycles. This panel will not be made up of the dorks and Freds that currently serve as bicycle advocates, and who are responsible for some of the pure nonsense that is going on now. It will be made up of real riders who train, and/or race, and get how cycling works on a fundamental level.

Any driver found guilty of willful intent to harm a cyclist with an automobile will receive the death penalty, or near miss. They will be put on a bicycle and run down by their own car.

All highway transportation funding will be re-routed to the Joey O initiative.
All highways slated for HOV lanes will be outfitted with solar powered tail wind tunnels designed for bicycles instead. The tunnels will have a tailwind of approximately 15 to 20 MPH.

Damn near all of the Caltrans staff will be fired. Immediately! New staff members will have to meet a new standard for criteria that focuses on common sense, and they have to be an American born citizen. As a matter of fact we will pass a new law stating that ALL State Government employees must be American born citizens.

Special funding will be created for cities that host bicycle races.
Tax breaks will be given to companies and corporations that sponsor bicycle racing teams and clubs.

10% of the revenue generated from the gasoline tax will be routed to a special fund for USCF licensed bicycle racing teams/clubs that are registered as California non-profit corporations.

If you have any questions or do not know my name send me an email at

It's time for a Government that is for the people from the people.


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