Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Strange Vibe Today

As of recent I have been feeling sort of Zin, until today.

Nothing has happened, there is no apparent catalyst, the day just has a strange vibe. A vibe like some changes are about to happen. It's that feeling like someone just gave you some disappointing news, yet there has been no news. Or has there? Maybe it is old news bubbling to the emotional surface as if to say "remember me, you haven't really released me yet and I am here to remind you of that thing or situation you don't like"... so when are you going to get over it?"

Perhaps my Pain Body is hungry, perhaps my egoic self needs conflict or needs to feel special by resolving some conflict that presented itself with the choice to deal with or ignore.

I have news for my Pain Body...I am going to rip your friggen legs off and feed them to you on the lunch ride today. Pop up to give me shit will you? That does it, I am attacking and you won't get no say in the matter. TAKE THAT EGO!


[Post Lunch Ride Entry]
I officially ripped my legs off and fed them to myself on Calaveras. At the top I puked them back out and reattached them with enough recovery time to hit the sprint and feed them to myself again. At the last and final sprint I puked them out one more time and left them laying on Foothill Road at Castlewood. If someone should happen to see them can you scoop them up in a bag and send them to me?

-Nome Out


Blogger Gianni said...

We tried to chase and scoop em up on the way back, but sad to say....
Cat 7 pacelines won't get that shit done very well.
That was the most miserable ass kicking I have had in a while.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Gianni said...


4:24 PM  

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