Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gettin ready for the Climb to Kaiser ER

Been on a very nice break from the racing scene and getting in the long miles. It's been nice and missed. I love the long days in the saddle at sub earbleed heart rates.

In preparation I made some mods to the steed.
  1. With much resistance I have shortened my cranks to the suggested 170s from the 172.5s that I am used to.

  2. Went and had a fitting session with Rick over at Eden Bikes in Castro Valley. He dropped me down and back and worked some voodoo on my cleat position. Rick says I have a good sweep through the bottom and need to back a little in order to use it. Result= faster cadence...much faster.

Death march like training with Nate Dawg, 3 times to the summit of Diablo last week for an even 100 round trip, followed by 2.5 hours on the tandem including the Wente course backwards (and we don't run a triple). Practiced the Diablo TT course on Wednesday, and hit the hills of Oakland/Moraga followed by a trip to the Diablo summit yesterday. Today, a 45 mile cruise in the morning up Calaveras Road with a detour up Welch (bitch) Creek Road.
On lower intensity periods (sub 145 HR) I have been forcing myself to breath through the nose. Not an easy task considering intake is 50% of what it should be. Kind of like riding with a restrictor plate, but it is forcing me to really expand the chest cavity and breath slow and really deep. Should help when I go in for the Taz roto-rooter treatment.

The weight is coming down (135), lowest it's been this year, and the RPMs are way up. I have lost my leverage, but I am getting used to the 100+ rpms.

C2K is all about riding within yourself, it would be nice if I can summit with The Shark, but I am not going to kill it to do so. If I am there we will have a good time running back to Fresberg, but if I am not I will sit at the top lounging and waiting for Gianni. Good times either way!

This week will be an easy week of commuting to work by bike with a hard effort on the Diablo TT course on Wednesday to make sure no cobwebs settle in. Rest is the order of the week.

Congratulations to Petite Pedals on a long overdue win this weekend. I hope to see more of that type of riding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Ron!!!

135 is good, don't go any guys are killing me with that weight loss!!! No more cheese, beers, margaritas...what's up with that???

6:57 PM  
Blogger Nome Agusta said...

The goal is 130, only 5 more pounds.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm always getting the sideways look when I hop on the scale.

153,152,151 and .......


9:54 PM  

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