Saturday, May 26, 2007

A word from Iowa

Photos and other what not later, but a quick update on the Spidey Boys in Iowa.
Today was Snake Alley and the Iowans found the Spidey Crew crawling all over the podium.

40 + Harlan (aka Hdiddy) and Joey O take the field by storm for a 1-2 finish. Very fitting for this silver anniversary of the race, they were both wearing their snazzy chrome Nalini shoes.

30+ and pissing rain, Super Dave Loogman gave a clinic and schooled the field raw by soloing away on the first lap. Yours truly had a fair ride picking up 3rd (again) and just missing second by half a wheel.
Hdiddy picked up 5th.

A real report and photos, lots of them, to follow when we return to California.

-Nome out


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Blogger mtb05girl said...

Nice job this weekend! You guys had a great showing!

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