Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Returning to my roots.


This year I have joyously decided to skip Madera Stage Race, if you can call that a stage race.

Instead I am headed for some new adventures and to give the Semi-Slow category a go out at Firestone Mountain Bike race.

With all the road racing I have been committed too the last season and a half, I have missed a part of cycling that I really enjoy.
The thing that gets me going on the Mt. Bike (ever notice I always capitalize Mountain Bike?) is to me it is the purest discipline of the sport. You can bring every aspect of the other disciplines into play. It can be like a time trial where efforts have to be perfectly dosed, there is climbing, handling skills required, and yes in many situations tactics like in road racing must be played out.
Emphasis on skills! You can be the strongest rider by medical numbers, but if you can't corner at speed you will give up a lot of that strength trying to catch back up.

Not so much in the lower categories, but in Expert and above, you have to bring some smarts to the game.

I want me another win at a 24 Hour race, they are epic defined, and those wins are a lasting sweetness.

In 08' I think the road will return to being the training ground for some ass kicking in the dirt. The way it should be.

Nome Out!


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Priorities in order.

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