Saturday, February 24, 2007

Writing Home to Mom

Dear Mom,
Today I did a bike race in Snelling (don't ask me where it's at, cause it's nowhere).

Quick note from the master's battle field, Nathan makes break with Hernandez(Safeway) and Hutchinson(Spine) for a 3 man break and takes second beating out Hutch.

Back in the pack we are covering attacks and doing our best to make sure Safeway and Spine do not bridge a second rider up to Nate's group. That goal was achieved but a second break was formed, I was so close but just couldn't close the last couple of meters and was cooking in the wind riding at exactly the same speed as the break. I had to shut the motor down so that the injector ports could cool and couldn't get the system back on line in time to cover Big Steve's(Morgan Stanley) bridge.

Rode in the pack with our new team mate Alex from Sactown and we put in a fair sprint. Reports from our teammates that raced later in the day said the results showed us as 10th and 11th, Alex in front and me on his coat tales. (with a fair amount of riders seeing The Ride Home in front of them)

AMD/Discovery Masters Team seems to be really solid in the crits, but they were not much of a factor today. Much like their pro counter parts in the Tour of CA. today, they missed the break. Unlike their pro counter parts today, they couldn't bring it back. Maybe they need to watch more TV.

Other than that, not much to write home to Mom about (Dear Mom, today I did a bike race...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post nome! I'm sure your mom will love it. I know I do....

You guys did amazing...Nathan is just phenomenal!!!

9:19 AM  

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