Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kenda review (Small Block Eight)


Kenda has a few new tires out and I picked up a set of ATB tires this weekend.

The conditions out at Firestone were dry and hard pack, a lot like Pleasanton Ridge in the summer.
The Karma has been a great tire and I have had my share of podiums on them, but they just weren't biting in the fast corners and I felt slow on the hard pack.

Enter the Small Block Eight (like me), it has smaller knobs offering more knobs per square inch. That means more bite and fast rolling. The course was long so I wanted to conserve as much energy as I could.
They felt fast, efficient, and solid in the fast off camber turns. Even when I over cooked a couple of turns, they bit in and saved my hide from going off the cliff.
It's my opinion that you need to have several options for tread pattern and pick the right tire for the course and conditions. These tires will definitely be added to my arsenal for dry fast conditions.

--Nome Out


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