Monday, May 05, 2008

We did it...

This is just a little pre-report to get the news out.

The Spideys headed out to Laguna Seca this weekend and landed ourselves a nice team victory at the 24 Hours of Adrenalin in the 5 person co-ed.

We started well and focused on being clean, Shari our female team mate had a bad spill on her first lap. This lady is double tough and rode the whole climb out bleeding profusely just to make sure she finished her lap. Amazing! Committed! My Hero!
She took HFU to the next level and made sure we stayed in the game. The Women on the team have to complete at least 1 lap.

It was blow that made us get focused and race hard for her. The biggest thing we focused on was smooth clean laps and perfect transitions. We ran on schedule with not a single hiccup. We didn't have the absolute fastest laps, but the 4 of us ran extremely consistent.
That consistency was enough for the 4 of us to not only bring home the win, but turn the second most laps of the entire race.

In the end we could not have scripted it better. Ron Rel who works for our sponsor InfoVista and is big into Xterra events was our starter and as luck would have it got to do a Victory lap putting the cap on a great race.

Our two secrets?
1. Hired a mechanic to take care of our bikes. Worth every dime...and then some.
2. Had team mates not racing helping us stay on time, and drive Shari to the hospital for stitches.

I'll post a more complete report and hopefully some images on the team blog here:


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