Sunday, June 15, 2008


The word of the day/week.

I guess that is the process Theresa and I are going through right now. The deconditioning of society and it's expectations on what we should be, or should do.
While we are trying to be open to different possibilities with our lives, specifically what I will do as far as work, not work, or start a business, there is always this little voice that says "you went to school to learn how to do X". Or "if you don't stay in the same field you will lose your skills".
"You have to have a job and contribute to society".
Of course, the whole contributing to society thing sort of requires society to interact in the process.

I suppose my expectations of people are a bit high. I am the type of person that is responsive, returns phone calls, emails, and tries to get things done...NOW! Letting things sit tends to haunt me. Relaxing is exhausting!

This week I will work on letting go of what may be an unrealistic expectation of others and try to have a little patience.
I am sure some of the things I am throwing against the wall will stick sooner or later.

Nome Out.


Blogger velogirl said...

ah, I made those decisions about 7 years ago. if you want to have a coffee and chat (or a ride or whatever), let me know. sometimes it's just good to say it out loud.....

8:45 PM  
Blogger Nome Agusta said...

Hey VG,
That would be great. Any chance you might make it out Livermore Pleasanton way? T has her new pink Yeti and it still needs to get dirty.

8:32 AM  
Blogger JonathanQ said...

Seems that, to most people, "Contibute to Society" means "Buy a Bunch of Stuff You Don't Need, and Use Credit Cards and Home Equity to Do So" . Not a particularly enlightened society, eh?

11:10 AM  

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