Friday, July 11, 2008

Cascade Classic day 1

Quick post about the first day of Cascade Classic.

Stage 1 14 mile ITT, rolling up hill for the first half and return.

Some sections were steep just steep enough to spin out the 53 x 11.

The time was really all about the way out.

Thanks to an arrangement with Flavia from Vanderkitten racing this weekend for Touchstone Climbing I got to use some super blinged out Zipp TT wheels.

I provided the bike and she provided the wheels on loan from Mike Freeman.

Thanks Mike, and I took very very good care of the wheels while I was on them.

Flavia and I were both very happy with our times, and fortunately we did not have to any major modifications to my bike for her to fit.

The course was very Calaverisish in distance and effort. My time was good enough for 16th in the Masters. Can’t complain.

Bob rode a great TT as well but suffered from not having a real TT bike. He hopes to fix that very soon.

Stage two: The criterium from hell.

This course was definitely not designed for 100+ field. Our goal, stay upright and save as much energy for the road race as possible. Despite several bad crashes, Bob and finishes with our skin. Bob got caught out behind one very large crash that broke the field in half and caused a lot of riders to get pulled. I was fortunate enough to find a bit of single track through the hoard of riders laying on the ground and tack onto the back of the remaining field.

A VOS rider went down very hard in a technical part of the course and hurt very bad. I don’t know who it was, probably can get some details on Hernando’s Nor Cal Racing blog. Best wishes to him for a fast recovery.

For the Sporties Corey burned a great TT and felt great during the crit. He is sitting in 7th just 1:50ish off the lead. All of our 4s finished up the crit safe and moving forward in tomorrow’s RR.

That’s all for now, need rest.


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