Friday, June 20, 2008

Interesting week

Week two of my retirement/extended vacation/lay-off. OK, I am still trying to workout which one of those things it will be. This week has had some signs of interesting developments, but the big thing is I am getting clearer on the parameters of what I want out a revenue source.

Not so much as exactly what I want to do, I am open to that, but more so certain elements that must exist in order for the lifestyle I want. I am not talking lavish lifestyle, but quality of life.
Time for cycling, time for family, and flexibility. Money isn't my primary motivator, but it has to make sense.

Thanks VG for coming out for a social MTB ride in the heat and christening T's new bike. You guys were cute on your pink Yetis. Looking back and seeing two pink kits and bikes bombing down the hill was pretty cool.
Also thanks for sharing your experience of trial by fire in the transition from corporate world to creating what you have now. Very helpful.

Next time maybe we can go out on one of your routes.

Stay cool folks, it's going to be hot this weekend.


Blogger velogirl said...

absolutely! it was a great day, Ron. I've had a bunch of good ideas about our project already and will send them your way in the next day or two.

8:42 AM  

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