Friday, February 17, 2006

Commitment and manifesting your reality.

Hey There America,

Now that we have established the true power of commitment and how it pertains to your inner dialog, let’s apply it to reality creation.

As mentioned earlier, the Universe is ready and willing to provide for us anything we want or desire. Good, bad, or indifferent, it doesn’t really matter since the Universe is neutral and the whole good/bad thing is a 3rd dimensional humanistic judgment/connotation anyway. To the Universe everything just is, it’s our limited mindset that brands things as good or bad.

This may sound a little off track, but it’s not, you see, it’s our perception and programming that cause us to sabotage the Universe’s ability to provide us with the things or experiences we think we want. Thus yielding lacks of commitment to that which we want to create for ourselves. “I want a burger, no wait, burgers are bad for you, so I’ll have a salad. No wait, I need some protein so maybe I better have a turkey sandwich”. This is an over simplification of the point, but is does present a fairly clear case. If we have this much trouble trying to decide what to have for lunch, how is it we think we can figure out what we want out of relationships, prosperity, or even the experience we want from cycling?

Go back and think of some relationship or some experience that brought you pure joy. What was your mental frame of mind? Chances are, you felt a certain wholeness in your being. Everything fell right into place, didn’t it? You were mentally and physically committed to the situation, no self-doubt. I also like to refer to that feeling as bringing in the “I am” power (more on the “I am” later).

Now go back and think of a situation or relationship that felt the same way but ended rather ugly. (You need to be really honest with yourself here.) What were your thoughts and feelings leading up to the demise? Did you have thoughts of “this is so good, that I don’t disserve it”, “this is too good to last”, or “too good to be true”? Even if you only had one of these thoughts for a brief moment, it’s enough for the Universe to put into place all the things, people, or circumstances needed to bring the experience to an end.

In essence, you are responsible for your own demise in that situation. This is an example of a lack of commitment on a mental and spiritual level. You had self-doubt, and therefore sabotaged your own well being.

Applied to Power Ball: Only the person with the least amount of doubt can win Power Ball. That can even mean a person who does not really care either way.

While others may be wishing and wanting more, they are also self-doubting and sabotaging the universes ability to provide the win.

THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS, only people who are dishonest with themselves and the experiences they attract into their lives.


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