Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The "I am"

I must apologize for leaving you hanging on this side topic. Let's discuss the "I am".

What is it?
The "I am" is all that you are, mind, body, spirit, and the universe all wrapped up in one. It is the bringing in of all potential, all pure energy.
By grounding in the "I am" power, you are bringing your spirit and all that you really are into this one moment "the Now". It's about feeling fully realized, fully grounded into your body, focused with all that you are.

Many people might think this sounds a little odd. It is important to understand that many are not fully in their body, or as some would say have not fully aligned all their bodies into this one moment. We are talking about the Spirit (lives in the infinite), the emotional body (lives in the past), the mental body (lives in the future), and the physical body (lives in the moment) all coming together in alignment.

Try this exercise:
Sitting or standing, straighten your spine, imagine a thread running through your spine pulling you tall and straight. Take a deep belly cleansing breath and say to your self "I am" as you breath in.
Say it with emotion, and imagine you are breathing in life force energy and connecting to every living thing around you.
If you feel a subtle wave of energy run through you, you nailed it. You are in the moment, grounded, powerful, and all of your bodies are aligned. In this space you will find inspiration, enthusiasm, and pure potentiality.
Do this when you are worried, or when you are mentally stuck, or just need a stress relief.

I am! Say it with power, strength, and emotion. Feel it!


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