Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tour of CA Stage 2

The Tour of California came through our back yard on their 2nd stage today. The several riders from our team took a long lunch and headed out to Palomares Canyon to watch the riders come up the climb. It was pretty cool, people everywhere, and us lookin fly in our new kits.
Maybe we even got on TV when the motor bikes went by, check ESPN tonight.
It was taste of what it might be like to be out at one of the Tour de France stages, except I knew every out there lining the road. Like being at a party with 100 of my best friends.
The riders went up pretty slow, so the field was jammed from one side of the road to the other. One rider tried to grab Joe's water bottle "gimme a bottle, gimme a bottle", Joe yanked it away and yelled "I' m sick".
Then they were gone. Time to go back to work.


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