Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Manifesting re-continued

It's time to pick up where we left off on this topic, but I thought it important to share the previous posts as they are an important element of this series.

My wonderful friend from Oughten House Foundation, Dr. Robert V Gerard just sent me his new book, "Divine Quick-Fix Healings", "Simple Techniques for Solving Life Problems". (Robert was always big on subtitles). I am looking forward to reading it, but I have already found some powerful words inside.

Now first, one must understand how I read books. Because I feel the Universe will deliver the message we most need to have at exactly the right time, I just open the book and read the page that I end up on. Others would say this is the subconscious directing you to the message it wants the conscious mind to see. Whatever, it works.

I opened Robert's book fresh out of the package and found this passage:
"Wake UP!
Stop criticizing and judging yourself.
Complaining is useless.
Stop criticizing and judging others.
You don't get anywhere by making them responsible for your issues, depression or unfair life.
It is your creation, not theirs."

Man, I can't tell you how perfect the timing is on this message as it pertains to a couple of situations that require tweaking at the moment.


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