Friday, August 04, 2006

Contentment or stagnation?

Interesting dilemma:
On one hand my current employment offers a fair foundation and a certain level of freedom to incorporate my cycling. It is also familiar which provides a certain level of comfort.

On the other, raises have been less than exciting and this will be the first year in many that the company has made a profit. They spoke of profit sharing in the beginning of the year and offered insignificant raises with the profit in lieu of the desired increase. Now they developed a formula by which those who achieve little stand to gain the most while those who have exceeded goals are left with much to be desired. Elephant riding a tricycle scenario.

The commute is short, 7 miles, but can't work remotely anymore.

Offers from other company include expansion into other areas of the industry, but also a bit of a commute. Increase in pay would match or exceed this years salary and bonus, but there is the impedance upon lifestyle that I have become comfortable with.
I certainly don't like commuting, for reason that are personal, spiritual, and environmental (which is sort of spiritual). I also don't like the possibility of "missing the boat" by not taking an opportunity.

The real question that boggles me is that there are two forms of wisdom at work here:
1. Contentment and acceptance of present conditions is taught by many philosophies. Contentment is certainly a wonderful feeling.

On the other hand
2. Stagnation, lack of movement, and complacency can lead to demise in the long run. Kind of like riding a stock all the way down because it was supposed to be a good company. That's not very bright either.

This is a tough one to figure out. At what point does contentment and acceptance become stagnation and complacency? How does one know if they are just bailing out or if they are making a move for the better? They say the grass is not always greener, indicating that sometimes it is.

Lot's to ponder.


Blogger Gianni said...

I stayed in a absolutely lousy situation once because I could ride my bike to work.
Finally was transferred to a new assignment full of unknowns, not a happy camper was I.
Ended up I could ride more AND make more money.
Very timely post.

10:50 AM  
Blogger nosajpalnud said...

I've been battling what you describe my entire career and it's such a tough call. Went big company for stability (and a pretty good salary) and they ship my team off to India and eliminate my job 6 months in. Now it's back to working with startups with a smaller but fairly stable firm and a decent salary. Of course a buddy has to call me today and tell me about a fantastic opportunity with fabless semiconductor firm in the valley backed by a top tier venture firm. AHHHHHHHH! I feel your struggle.

There's a lot to be said for quality of life, especially if you have a family. If you come to any visions of grandeur let me know.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Nome Agusta said...

Just to keep things interesting there is this third possibility that may come into play in October, Actually the sweetest of the three.
The kind were you practically write your own ticket. If that happens, a couple of traffic signal geeks are ready to take some names and kick ass.
Or maybe we will just draw a bunch of lines in CAD.

11:22 PM  

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