Friday, March 24, 2006

Do we need those?

Finally feel like I have the TT bike dialed in.
Adjustments made:
New Ritchey S Bend TT bars (extremely adjustable)
New shift levers.
Brought bars/stem up a little on the steer tube.
Changed from 175 cranks to 172.5 cranks.

Everything felt really good, smoother pedal stroke and felt fast.

Then, heading up Dublin Grade the things starts creeking like crazy. So I get back to the car and try to tighten the cranks. Nada, they are as tight as they get. Scratching head I start fiddling with it more, yep it is definitely something in the BB area. So I checked the drive side crank arm and notice something missing. Chainring bolts...3 out of 5...that's OK right? There were 5 when I started. ???? Maybe that is what those two random popping sounds were.

So I wiggle the crank more, well...3 would probably be OK... if they were TIGHT.

Chainring we need those?

Check the chainring bolts next time...dumbass.


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