Friday, March 03, 2006

Temporary moment of (in)sanity

The Rod man said it right TGIF!
It's been a brutal week both on and off the bike.
Wednesday was my final day of bridge intervals and I decided that 45 seconds was for woosies, so I increased it to a minute. With a little help from Mr. Mendes, the intensity was increased too.

Thursday, slapped on the climbing wheels and went out to try for a PR on Palomares. It was a good time, but 19 seconds short of my goal. I guess it's not bad for March and all the extra crap we have to carry and wear to stay warm.

I keep toying with the idea that there is an ideal weight for wheels. Too light and you loose power to flex and instability, to heavy and you loose power to keeping them rolling. My times are just as fast on the 1500 gram Ritcheys and Campy Euros as they are on the 1300 gram Rolfs.

Friday, now my back is tweaked, and I have this nasty shooting pain going down the back of right leg. Time to go see the back cracker and get the frame realigned before the weekend's races. AH (hyper)active rest week next week, sometimes it's nice to just ride for fun. I love sitting on the back of the group and saying, "sorry, rest week, I am just sitting on today".

Of course, what is a rest week without making Charles drag me to the top of Calveras and going for the KOM in the last 40 meters. Gotta get the blood pumping, right?


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